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So Ii've been playing Warhammer (9th age now) for years.
A lovely hobby, but its quite costly in both time and money.
Time I have, money I try to save. Thus over the last few years I've been building/sculpting my own army, with Bunbuns of course.
I've been sharing the army on various fora, but I thought i'll put them up here too, cos... well more Bunbun...

I'm playing them as Empire (of Sonnstahl) as that is the most neutral/basic army.


The first unit I made: Light infantry with handguns
and its command group.

Sculpting an entire army is quit a bit of work so I thought I'll go all cavalry as knights and are more expensive (in points)
Reiter pistoliers

champion . Bunbun
Oh and i dont like painting horses so I used dino's/coldones/lizzards instead.

More online soon.

Help buy the materials to draw the next (web)comic: